Diaper Recycling Technology


Website: www.diaperrecycling.technology

Diaper Recycling Technology is a technology company solely focused on advanced diaper recycling solutions. Our technology is used within hygiene plants (AdultBaby-Fem) to reclaim pulp & SAP from rejected products offering world class in-line and central equipment solutions. Our technology offers superior performance in the following areas:

※ No measurable SAP damage

※ High purity of PE/PP stream

※ High purity of SAP stream

※ High purity of fiber stream

※ No mixing of raw materials (no negative impacts on RM tracking)(in-line)

※ Significantly reduced space allocation

※ Significantly reduced energy requirements

※ No impact HVAC/utility requirements (airless process)

Diaper Recycling Technology是一家专注于提供尿布回收解决方案的技术公司。我们提供了世界级的串联式中央设 备解决方案,卫生用品厂商(成人-妇婴用品)使用我们的 技术从不合格产品中回收纸浆和SAP。 我们的技术在以下领域表现卓越:

※ 绝不损耗SAP

※ 高纯度的PE/PP蒸汽

※ 高纯度的SAP蒸汽

※ 高纯度的纤维蒸汽

※ 绝无原料混合(对原料跟踪没有负面影响)(串联 式)

※ 显著减少空间分配

※ 显著减少能源消耗

※ 对暖通空调/公用设施没有额外要求(无空气工艺)