GP Cellulose GmbH



GP Cellulose, LLC operates state-of-the-art pulp mills in the southeast United States, in addition to sales offices in Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, Hong Kong and China. Golden Isles® fluff has been trusted as a quality brand of fluff used in a variety of absorbent applications. Our portfolio continues to expand with the new Golden Isles COTM fiber, which is engineered to maintain softness and flexibility, providing a better option for creating thinner products.

GP纤维有限公司在美国东南部运营着技术领先的制浆厂, 营业办事处遍布于瑞士、美国、乌拉圭、香港和中国。金岛绒毛浆一直是值得信赖的高品质绒毛浆品牌,被广泛应用在各种吸液产品上。我们的产品组合不断扩充,最新研发的Golden Isles COTM纤维,致力于保持良好的柔韧度和适应性,是创新超薄产品的更好选择。