Weyerhaeuser NR Company


Website: www.weyerhaeuser.com

Weyerhaeuser Company was founded in 1900, one of the world's largest private owners of timberlands. We own or control nearly 7 million acres of timberlands, and manage additional timberlands in Canada. We manage these timberlands on a sustainable basis with internationally recognized forestry standards. We are also one of the largest manufacturers of wood and cellulose fibers products. Our continuing operations generated $7.4 billion in sales and employed approximately 12,800 people. We are listed on the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index. Our common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol WY. Learn more at www.weyerhaeuser.com.

惠好公司是全球最大的私人林地拥有者之一,在1900年开始运营,我们拥有或管理近700万英亩的林地,主要在美 国及在加拿大拥有长期许可证管理其他林地。我们符合国际公认的林业标准基础,以可持续性管理这些林地。我们也是最大的木材和木质纤维产品制造商之一。我们的持续经营业务销售额为74亿美元和雇用大约12,800人服务全球客户。我们是道琼斯指数中表列的上市公司。我们在纽约证交所的股票交易号是WY。若希望了解更多请浏览www. weyerhaeuser.com。