Adtek Malaysia Sdn. Bhd



my AdTek manufactures a wide range of EVA and pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives for various type of application e.g. manual and automatic carton closing, book binding, automotive parts assembly, diaper and sanitary napkin manufacturing, material lamination, paper making and textiles, air filter, furniture making and woodworking, handicrafts, etc. At AdTek, we continually strive to exceed our customers' expectations in service, quality, innovation and excellence. We are constantly searching for ways to enhance our facilities and improve our product range. Our current production capacity is 800 tons of EVA based hot melt adhesives and 700 tons of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive per month. Our research and development division produces over 30 new and specialty products every year. We are achieving our vision to offer a complete range of hot melt adhesives and chemicals solutions to our customers locally, regionally and around the world.