Schill+Seilacher Gmbh




Schill+Seilacher develops, manufactures and sells tailor-made spin finishes and lubricants, antistatic agents, as well as auxiliaries, such as bactericides, antifoams, spinneret sprays, heater cleaning agents and flame retardants, for the production and downstream use of staple fibres, filaments and nonwovens made of polyamide(PA), polyester(PET, PLA, and PTT), polypropylene(PP), polyethylene(PE), rayon(CV), and acetate(CA). Many years of experience and innovative technology ensure the production and downstream processing at maximum speed and highest quality standards for our customers with Schill+Seilacher spin finishes. Our products are marketed under the brand names LIMANOL, DRYFI, SILASTOL, UKANOL, POLYFIX, ADROTIN, DESPUMOL, and RELEASE AGENT. As an approved and reliable technology partner we support our customers around the world to meet their specific requirements, such as hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, softness or crunchy touch, or any other kind of specilality for yarns and filaments. We are valued partner of the automotive and construction industry, as well as for the medical industry.